How Twitter works for me!!

1 Mar

I never thought that Twitter would help me out but some how it did.

Anytime you go onto any social networking site first think —why are you on that site and what is it that you’re trying to get out of it. If you just want to have fun go ahead, at least you have a purpose.

My purpose for using Twitter was to network with key companies and organizations. The last time I was on Twitter I knew exactly which company I wanted to follow and why. My goal was to get the marketing department’s contact information. Sometimes it’s hard to find one’s contact information so my last resort was to look on Twitter, and it worked becauseI found my contact!!

All those people who are tweeting for a certain company tend to be PR/marketing professionals so they know exactly and understand what a PR/marketing person like myself is looking for. In a recent Burson-Marsteller study, 65 of the largest 100 international companies have active accounts on Twitter (the second being 54 on Facebook).

Twitter is really the place to network and build connections!!

Twitter is simple just @the name of the company and briefly ask a good question. Make a comment that shows you understand the company’s philosophy or comment on some of their tweets. Just remember that when “tweeting” always have your goal in sight.

If your goal is to follow me go ahead @adrig7!!!

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